“Nameless” – A Memorial Day tribute
by Drew Sera 5/2016
If someone said your name, I sadly wouldn’t recognize it as anything more than a name of a person that I didn’t know.

But you’re much more than just a name.

You came from somewhere.

You were raised by someone and you may have even had siblings.

You went to school; maybe played sports and had some friends.

You grew up and made the decision to serve our great country.

Chances are that you left someone in tears as they watched you walk away. Hopefully you knew how proud of you they were.

You promised to stay in touch with your loved ones and you did. In the beginning your voice sounded just as strong and confident as it did when you walked away. As time went on, the sights and sounds that had become common place for you began to take it’s silent toll. Your voice changed. It became heavy. You were determined to carry that weight so someone back home didn’t have to.

You gave your life for me.
You slept on the cold, wet ground for me.
You ate crappy food and drank cold coffee for me.
You barely slept and when you did, you cradled a weapon.
You gave me freedoms through your bravery and sacrifices.

And I don’t even know your name.

What can I offer you after all you have done for me? I could say that I don’t have anything that would ever mean anything to you. But then I’m reminded that I have everything. Everything that I have, is because of you and your courage. And that everything means the world to you.

With a heavy heart, I say “thank you” to you and your family and I wish I knew your name.


Published by

Drew Sera Books

I have always enjoyed creating stories with deep, emotional characters that connect with their audience. I'm currently editing book four in The Everett Gaming Series and anticipate it to be available in early winter 2016.

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