Character Quotes from “Us”

%22I’m not going to harm you. Don’t be afraid. Let me handle the worries and your fears. I want you to let go and let me do the rest. Just feel.”



“What did I do wrong? I tried thinking of a specific incident, but all that I could think about was how I disappointed the guys to the point where they no longer wanted me.%22


Colin Everett


I'm afraid of losing them%22


As I drifted off to sleep, Sydney had successfully made me forget about my shitty day at work, but all I could think about now was finding Howard and beating him until he’s an inch from death and then chaining him to a heater.-2


Published by

Drew Sera Books

I have always enjoyed creating stories with deep, emotional characters that connect with their audience. I'm currently editing book four in The Everett Gaming Series and anticipate it to be available in early winter 2016.

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