Teaser Tuesday


Character quote from Anthony Graves in “Alone.” “Alone” is book 4 in The Everett Gaming Series by Drew Sera and is available on Amazon for pre-order. The release date will be December 15th.


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Drew Sera Books

I have always enjoyed creating stories with deep, emotional characters that connect with their audience. I'm currently editing book four in The Everett Gaming Series and anticipate it to be available in early winter 2016.

2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday”

  1. Drew, I follow Depraved Eros on FetLife and that is how I found out about your books. I love them! As a newbie in the lifestyle, I am learning a lot from them. Thank you. When will “Alone” be published in print? I guess I missed the date…


    1. That’s great to hear! Thank you for stumbling onto these books and I’m thrilled you’re enjoying them. “Alone” will be available in December, though it will probably be a tad after he ebook version. Ebook is slated for December 15th and print by the end of December.


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