Review of “Broken” by Ashton Blackthorne

Mr. Blackthorne did an excellent job in executing the development of his scenes so his readers weren’t left feeling as though something was lacking or thrown together. “Broken” was consistent with a quick pace, but again, nothing felt rushed.

Ashton Blackthorne paints scenes with his word choice and excellent use of descriptions. He doesn’t overlook the importance of fine details. Mr. Blackthorne doesn’t just tell the reader that he orders a drink at the bar; he describes his favored brand of scotch right down to the smoothness. We learn Mr. Blackthorne is not only college educated in business, but also Harvard educated. Cars, restaurants/establishments, brands and institutions…the specifics and details are laid out with his ability to describe scenes flawlessly. These fine details and explicit descriptions create the avenue for the reader to picture in their mind exactly what the author wants them to see. He controls what the reader visualizes and leaves nothing to vagueness.

The first book in Mr. Blackthorne’s Insatiable Series shows the reader what helped to mold him into who he is and what incidents had a profound impact on him. Even though he has moved forward from events that left behind a gash or two, they’re never forgotten. The flashbacks and memories are vivid and pull on the heartstrings of the reader.

I particularly enjoyed the candid peek into the life of Mr. Blackthorne and appreciate the glimpse of his passion regarding the publishing world and his faithful Wicked Pen Writers. I have a high level of respect for authors that ink themselves on paper, whether it’s in a character or an entire book.

“Broken”, by Ashton Blackthorne, will leave you eager to dive right into book two of his Insatiable Series. Thankfully, the second book, “Shattered, is available now.

“Broken”: Insatiable Series Book 1

Mr Blackthorne’s Author Page

Mr. Blackthorne’s website



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